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The EuroLSJ project is offering a uniform spelling for the common mother tongue of all europeans as they speak it today. This european language is nothing new: depending on the concerning component, its age varies from some decades up to many thousands of years. It has just been difficult to discern until today, for standardized records have only been existing for partial territories (the language territories of today), but not in a complete european overview. This will now be done by the EuroLSJ project.

To research the components of the european language (europeanisms), more than 50 european national and regional languages are being explored. The total amount of europeanisms would undoubtedly be sufficient for several standard spellings, not only for one. Therefore the research of EuroLSJ concentrates on the europeanisms that have (1.:) the strongest presence among (2.:) all the languages of Europe.

The precious of the european language is that it facilitates the access to every single language of Europe utmostly. By the uniform spelling, this effect is being activated and made useable for every citizen at once. The uniform spelling offered by EuroSJ is named LSJ European.

Until now (march 2013) about 1500 europeanisms are recorded, spoken in the average by 374 millions of europeans natively in 14 national or regional languages.

Principally, from the view of EuroLSJ, for every european can be said: as far as his mother tongue is participating on europeanisms, he also speaks European as mother tongue – in the concerning national slang.

A preview of the results is given by the prototypic test edition (in German as an example for any national edition language) of the Dictionary of the European Language (Dictionár den europé linguë), which is available in the book trade and which outlines the essentials of EuroLSJ on the basis of the first 500 examples (data base extraction of 2007).

Besides, the EuroLSJ concept is concisely described in a professional article in the Studies in Eurolinguistics, vol. 9 (published in 2013 at Logos Verlag Berlin).

Actual news, statements and case reports can be found in the EuroLSJ blog, where you can also leave comments. Questions that don't directly touch a concrete blog subject, may also be sent by E-Mail to the address info(æ)EuroLSJ.eu .

On this web site and in the blog, there may appear different languages. No fear of that! With the help of the given visualizations and the natural europeanisms in the texts you will understand them. Some texts are written in LSJ European on a trial basis.

The EuroLSJ project is an activity within the work of the "Eurolinguistischer Arbeitskreis Mannheim" (ELAMA) , member of the Eurolinguistic Association (ELA).

(c) Erhard Steller 2013

(c) Erhard Steller 2013